Can’t Seem To Take A Break

I just can’t seem to take a break on all this drinking over the Christmas period. It’s not my fault though, it seems to be the time to be drinking, and I doubt I’ll get a break until the new year. I shall take a break then though, I’ll be very happy to take the much needed break by then.

So anyway, this morning we took a drive out to Mudgeeraba for Christmas presents before picking up some alcohol on the way home. You see the problem already.

Dad met with Peter after lunch, for lunch, and didn’t get back until 21:00, though only because Sze Sze and I met him at Peter’s for dinner where we had a delicious chicken curry with some awesome chillies. The wine accompaniment was an Arrowfield Shiraz from McLaren Vale, 1998 vintage, and was simply superb.

As usual, everyone was in bed before me.