A Proposal

Today I proposed to Dee-Anne. It’s been a little over 23 months since we started dating and I’ve known for a while what my feelings were.

It wouldn’t be like me if I didn’t have some flying-related, Qantas influence on how it went down, so it’ll come as no surprise that I was assisted by the wonderful Platinum One team to get the proposal printed on the boarding pass. I wasn’t sure how it would go down, but thankfully it was a positive, and drinks followed in the lounge and plane, as well as several announcements congratulating us, much to our combined embarrassments.

Just proposed to @chiickax Thank you @qantas for printing the proposal on the BP! #qantas

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Qantas Platinum One

At the end of January I achieved the top status with Qantas, Platinum One.  The only way you get this is with a lot of flying, and while I’d like to get the other “top status” some day, Chairmans Lounge, I’m not in a rush to become a politician.

The pack arrived today, complete with new white Q tags, a lovely white frequent flyer card, and the gift I’d forgotten about, a branded iPad case.  I’ll definitely be using it!



Ultimately, I don’t think I’ll manage to retain this status in the next year as it took far too much flying to achieve. But it’s cool to be there. Now it’s time to see if I’m treated any differently.