Session 2-2015 Passed

I’ve been checking for results daily since the end of the session, and while I will have my official results this Saturday, I now know that the last two units I took were both passed. Unfortunately, only a Pass in each of them, not a higher grade like I was hoping, but I’m now well on my way to finishing my Associates Degree in Session 3 and have started my Bachelors Degree with a Pass.

My Associate Degree GPA will be 4.83, another slip from the highs that it was previously. I attribute this primarily to the way units have been taught to me, moving forward the GC campus has lost on-campus classes and even good teachers (since I started in 2014), and I thrive when I’m engaged well in class, not when I’m learning via distance!

My Bachelors Degree GPA will be 4.

Session 1 2015 Passed

My university news is that I have successfully passed session 1 of 2015, with two passes and one credit. This does lower my overall GPA to just under 5 (out of 7) though, which is a little annoying. Then again, a high GPA is only beneficial for moving universities or going for honours, neither of which I plan to do.

Coming up in session 2 I am doing a design class, a cultural studies class (with a total of 4000 words due over the session) and a core class. I’m starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel, at least for the Associate Degree.

Session 2 starts next week.

Critical Pass

With an 11 out of 20, I’ve scraped through with a Pass in my Critical Response in unit “The Nature of Narrative”, which I’ll easily confess isn’t a strong suit of mine. The unit is made more difficult by its online nature, while I prefer in-class time.

My next assessment for this unit should be a little easier, as it’s a biographical portrait, far easier to write in my opinion. However, I don’t want to jinx my mark with thought that it’ll be easy.

I would much prefer such a class was taught with a tutor on campus, but the state of affairs at Southern Cross University right now is drastic cuts to funding in the Arts, while it seems every other course is having no such hard times. Supposedly, this is what happens when the new Chancellor has an Engineering background, from what I’ve heard.

A Fail & A Pass

Today I learnt my result in Sociology, an assessment I had expected to fail as I really struggled with it. Therefore it wasn’t surprising when I checked my “study desk” and saw an “F”.

Regardless, I wanted to read my feedback, as it’s important. In the feedback I discovered that I’d failed the “understanding” and “analysis” parts but received a distinction in “presentation” – an area I’d really focused on before submitting as I knew I was good at that and there were plenty of marks to be gained in that area.

Thus, in the final comments it was noted that while I’d failed the essay, I still passed the unit. Also, the essay was generally well written.

To say I’m pleased is an understatement as I have now completed 8 units in my first year and been given advanced standing in 2 more. I’m just 6 units away from an Associate Degree of Arts – though will probably continue on next year to attain a Bachelors Degree.

GPA = 5.125.