I joined the gym near my house yesterday. Dee-Anne found a deal online that waived the joining fee, gave me two weeks free gym, her 2 weeks free for referring me and if I signed on for a 12-month contract it’s just $12.95 a week. So… I figured it was about time I made the jump and started to get in better shape.

The gym is Snap Fitness, and as part of my membership I can use any of their gyms nationwide (and overseas). They’re 24 hours too, so I can go for late night workouts to avoid crowds. But they seem to be just a gym, no pool or sauna facilities like you’d find in a heath club. I’ll somehow survive.

They’re also a Qantas partner, so I do get some points for my ongoing membership… however they’re so minuscule they hardly factored into my decision. Just icing on the cake really.

Blood: All Clear

Last week I had another blood test, and today I met my haematologist to get the results. My blood work, I’m happy to report, is completely normal. Everything is in the expected ranges, with the exception of ANA being a little out. 

I have another test due in 6 months to check things are still normal, but it would appear the scare of the initia blood tests at the start of the year was just that, nothing else. 

Haematology Results Inconclusive

While my ANA has gone down (or is it up – the better direction in any case), my C3 count has now been recognised as low. But my doctor doesn’t seem to think it’s lupus. Next blood test is in 4 months time, while my neutrophils continue to remain low, but not too low (1.3).

Tomorrow I see my neurologist, so maybe he can shed some light on whether he thinks this is all caused by the Epilim I am using for my Epilepsy.


After years of watching Hugh Laurie play the character Dr. House, and having just started watching season one through Australian Netflix, I was quite surprised to have my haematologist say to me that it could be lupus today. The good news, all those vials of blood they took a fortnight ago have come back to clear me of whatever he was testing for, but has shown an increase in ANA, something that could indicate an autoimmune disorder. Now I have to wait another fortnight to find out if my body is attacking itself or not. 

I don’t feel sick, or look sick. I am sleeping a lot, so there’s perhaps still some fatigue there, and I haven’t had any other symptoms other than perhaps my hand heating up last week, but that went away. The heating, not the hand. My lymphocyte count is also up to 1.4, not great but better than the low. 


Today I went to a new doctor, one who specialises in haematology. The reason being, my regular doctor has noticed my white blood cells and platelets count dropping of late, and it’s a cause for concern. There’s only so much a GP can do before I need to be referred on.

Nothing really to report from today, met the new doctor, did a small physical and now I have a blood test coming up for 17 different things… I expect I’ll be giving a lot of blood that day. I don’t find out the results of all that for 2 weeks.

The main issue was explained to me as follows, a normal persons “lymphocytes” range between 2 and 7.5. My value in that test was as low as 1.2. If the value drops below 1, they’ll do a bone marrow biopsy… not exactly something I want to experience.

As I’m not sick, or don’t appear to be at least, the cause for the drop needs to be found. It could be an interaction with my Epilim medication, however if that’s the case, I need to find different anti-convulsants.

For now, the only thing I’ve noticed are increased headaches. Not all the time, but sometimes, when I do get them, they hurt a lot. Also a little nausea. But it comes and goes, so it might not even be related.