Cockpit Visit

Arriving into London Heathrow on Monday afternoon we were invited to the cockpit on landing for a photo opportunity. During the flight Dee-Anne and I had spent some time in the back galley of the upstairs economy section talking with the various crew members and were looked after superbly by them. I can’t praise Jimmy and Eugene enough for putting up with us when the rest of the cabin was sleeping or watching movies on QF9. It’s times like this flight where I am so happy to be a frequent flyer of Qantas.

QFM AGM 2014

As another year flew by it was time once again to make my pilgrimage to the outback and visit the museum. It was unfortunate this time more so because of the weather they’d been having: record length of days above 40º in November. The top was 43º and be there humidity or not, it wasn’t particularly nice outside.

I was also taking Dee-anne up for her first taste of the outback… it was just a shame it was so damn hot. Luckily our AC worked, probably a little too well though.

It was nice to see the Catalina was finally being coated in paint, the original colours it would have been painted during the war. The painter, on loan from Qantas in Brisbane, did an amazing job! When it’s finally complete, with turrets and blister and set up with some information I’m sure it’ll be a real draw. New information was the purchase of a Super Connie in Manila and the start of what will be a long process to restore it over there, before breaking it up to ship over here, and re-assemble. I can’t wait to see that at the museum. Overall I was quite happy with the financials, and even happier to hear that the new solar panels had to be dialled back from 100% draw due to an agreement with their power company on the amount they were to use. Seems they’re powering the museum very nicely. Lots of scope for future applications, even as the museum switches to LED’s and a new AC.

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We did the Platinum Tour while out there, getting Dee-anne up on two wings, but not being particularly happy about that. She got a good tour of the aircraft though.

A Proposal

Today I proposed to Dee-Anne. It’s been a little over 23 months since we started dating and I’ve known for a while what my feelings were.

It wouldn’t be like me if I didn’t have some flying-related, Qantas influence on how it went down, so it’ll come as no surprise that I was assisted by the wonderful Platinum One team to get the proposal printed on the boarding pass. I wasn’t sure how it would go down, but thankfully it was a positive, and drinks followed in the lounge and plane, as well as several announcements congratulating us, much to our combined embarrassments.

Just proposed to @chiickax Thank you @qantas for printing the proposal on the BP! #qantas

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