Review: Saké (restaurant)

As is my want, having eaten at Sake Restaurant & Bar on The Rocks in Sydney, how can I not provide a review? Now I must say, I loved the fusion of the dishes, and will try to include as many photos as I can, because I did take them, however didn’t think it rated all that high in quality of meat compared to my local on the Gold Coast, Arakawa.

Their drinks list was superb, which comes as no surprise as this is the sort of place you come for lunch and entertain at, not doing any work in the afternoon. Decor… really awesome vibe inside, and very large so the place could seriously handle a lot of people. Also, when an order was put in, they came out fast, so a great kitchen!

Now I believe I mentioned they had a fusion sort of food menu. It was a sort of Japanese meets Mexican, or at least that’s what I think they were going for, but ended up being mostly Japanese tastes with an occasional flash of Mexican. Take for example the kingfish jalapeño, my first thought was of a flashback to Black Sombrero, Lismore and having jalapeño poppers. No such luck… instead, these were simply thinly sliced pieces of kingfish with a thinly sliced piece of jalapeño. I can deal with that, but there was no heat there at all, it was more of a decoration than a fusion. To add to my woes, having sampled a lot of kingfish at Arakawa, I didn’t find it to be very good quality (wasn’t as tender as I’d have expected) and was drowned in dressing. See for yourself.


Moving onto another disappointment for me was the salmon belly nigiri, my first “toro” of the season and I was looking forward to it, but they must have had a bad cut because I wouldn’t have had it grilled on top, the toro should be amazing already.


The steamed prawn dumplings were out of this world, lovely flavour, texture, presentation. However, if Dumpling Kitchen is still open in The Argyle (next door) I’m sure they could could also offer up a similarly tasting and looking dish, based on my experiences in January.


There were moments of brilliance, such as with the miso-cream scallops, followed by questions of what were they thinking, when the wagyu new style is literally swimming in oil!



One of the biggest fusions was sashimi tacos, which as you’d expect was a taco stuffed with sashimi. It tasted good, mainly because of all that sashimi, but the sashimi would have tasted good regardless. Ultimately, I thought the dish was great, it just lacked oomph… why am I ordering this dish when I can just order some sashimi… I’m definitely not getting any heat, it’s just cosmetic once again.

I’m sure the menu works, it’s something different, but I wonder if a touch more Mexican could really spice things up, could really bring out new flavours and something original, as it all seems a bit gimmicky.

Travels to KTA

The past couple of days I’ve been travelling. Burning and earning points, but more importantly status credits, to improve my frequent flyer status.

A thread on AFF inspired me to do this post, about food. As I was travelling business class, the food was generally of a higher standard. I made sure I took photos and am sharing them here.