Relax (day seven)

Another relaxing day today where nothing much was accomplished. With the wonderful breeze the views out to sea were amazing once again, you could see far and wide, it was stunning. Even cooler if you happened to spend some part of the afternoon in the spa looking out to sea.

For lunch today we headed back to the local restaurant Ouzeri’s, and after some great service and incredibly tasty meals, decided we’d come back for dinner too, for our last night in Fira. The waiters all seemed to remember us too; though I’m sure Sze Sze’s hair helped, they also referred to us as being from downunder. We’ve given multiple points of origin at different shops and restaurants when asked, so perhaps on our first night we said Australia!



Walking off lunch, I got a few more photos around town.

I did some macro photography too, with the amount of light available here it’s hard not to get the lens out of the bag, and there’s all that lavender to work with too, and bees pollinating it! Love taking photos of lavender.

Dinner was as sumptuous as lunch, with Sze Sze even ordering the same dish (mussels) as she liked it so much. Ultimately it seems local and less fancy is best. I’d like to also highlight the table mat that shows a map of the islands, pretty cool!



After dinner, we were invited for a cocktail at the cafe/bar as it was our last night. We hadn’t really spent any time up at the cafe at night, so it was nice to unwind close to the suite. Taking photos at night can be quite challenging though, so please don’t judge some of these too harshly. It really is wonderful in the evening here.

Before heading back to our suite we said our goodbyes to Lisa, who works at night and had some photos. You’ll probably see more from Penny, but he insisted on a photo shoot. Have I mentioned how amazing everyone has been? The service is amazing.

Fira (day two)

I’m not sure if my game plan for Santorini is a daily blog, or a collection, but right now it’s hard not to just keep publishing photos to make everyone jealous, instead of saving them over time for a bigger entry at the end. The views are amazing.

We woke this morning with the sun streaming through the windows, but didn’t rise until closer to 0900. I was first up, as I didn’t think anyone was going to make the first move, and I needed a shower.

Breakfast is included with the rate and served daily either in the room or at the cafe at the top. As this was our first day, we chose to head upstairs for perhaps some better views, as we don’t have a particularly big balcony (you can stand on it – that’s all). However, in the next few days we’ll move to a bigger apartment, where we will be able to eat on a private patio. All we do is leave our request at the front desk each night and depending on where we choose to eat, it’ll either turn up, or we can go get it. So easy.

Over the course of this week, you’ll likely see many very similar photos of the view, streets, daily life. Hopefully this will give you an idea of what it’s like here. After breakfast, we did some exploring, some shopping, and eventually Sze Sze and I ended up at a cafe high above Fira (the town) called To Kafeneio, affording some nice views. We also had a look at the cable car, brining the many tourists from the cruise ships to the town every day.

Following an afternoon siesta, I headed out for some shirts, as I only have 2 right now, one of which I wore for 2 days following Florence. We then booked dinner at the Naoussa restaurant (tripadvisor), where the food was very good, but we found the service a little lacking. I’m sure it’s always busy, so it can’t have been that. Nice views for sunset though.

Welcome to Santorini (sans bags)

We finally got to the main part of the holiday this afternoon, Santorini. Greece is another country I haven’t visited before and is now crossed off the list. But Santorini, just stunning, breathtaking, especially our accommodation. The view from the balcony is just stupendous. I took a few photos today, but there’ll be more to come over the course of the next week. Of course, no bags yet either.

Sea view
Sea view

For dinner tonight we went to a local restaurant called To Ouzeri (tripadvisor), trying some new things wherever we could, such as white eggplant with chloro, ocotpus with fava bean puree, local fish and local beer.

Ouzeri dinner