Christmas Day

We had a quiet Christmas this year, with all the usual suspects away in other places, and dad didn’t even play golf like he usually does due to a sore foot. As such, you’d think we’d be more organised, but that wasn’t to be and it wasn’t until mid-morning that we opened various things.

My gift to everyone was a bottle of Billecart-Salmon Brut Rosé, as when I tried it at the Dan Murphy’s Champagne appreciation night in October I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately for me, I didn’t find it quite as tasty the second time, however everyone else seemed to enjoy it, so the gift was a success.

I received some clothes, money and little bits and pieces like I usually do… in fact so did everyone else, as we usually do. Very boring but there really wasn’t anything on the list. There may be soon though, and that was worked in, but more on that another time.

Lunch/dinner wasn’t served until mid-afternoon, but was an unorthodox lamb or salmon main, with the usual spuds and other yummy roughage.


Just a quick little blurb to show off my Christmas loot for this year.  Nothing much, some interesting things, clothes and toys.  A book I’m sure will come in useful as I practice my photography and a new case for my iPhone.


Also some photos of others’ loot.

Mum should visit Thursday Island...
Mum should visit Thursday Island…
Penny, Sze Sze and a wonderful present from Tae
Penny, Sze Sze and a wonderful present from Tae
Sze Sze's new shirt
Sze Sze’s new shirt

Christmas Day

It wasn’t an early start in this household this morning, well except for dad who actually arrived back from 18-holes of golf at 8:30… he must’ve started early and played one of the quickest games of his life.

As he was up, and then Sze Sze, and me, breakfast was started… bubble & squeak, bacon, eggs and black pudding, delicious!

Eventually mum arose and we gathered around the fireplace, where all our presents have appeared over the past several days and started opening cards and presents.

This year, as with most years here I suppose, was full of little presents and clothes. No wrapping paper, or very little this year as the need to have that look and feel subsides, plus we’re all lazy.

So, I ended up with some tech, in the form of keyring bottle-openers, Bang & Olufsen headphones, an iPhone hoodie case and a headphone cord case. Clothes such as shirts (both long and short sleeved), a blue belt, skiing bandana, psychedelic FCUK shorts, boxers and socks. And I’m sure I’ve missed something.

Quickly packing food and clothes into suitcases and bags, we headed up to Brisbane shortly after midday to check into Quay West Suites, on the river. I took a wonderful panorama of the view from the apartment, though it was very windy on the balcony.

The view from Quay West Suites Brisbane on Christmas Day.

We had lunch and champagne after we arrived, before taking a long walk in the late afternoon. Starting in the Botanical Gardens we headed up the river, across the Goodwill Bridge, back down the river and across the Storey Bridge, before walking back up to the hotel. It was a very long walk.

Dinner was also in the unit, as everything was closed. Though we did bring food with us knowing that everything would be closed. Great views at night too.

The view from Quay West Suites Brisbane on Christmas Day… at night.