I have combined the two nights we spent in Chesterfield into a single entry for ease of posting. We didn’t walk around anywhere near as much as in Edinburgh and it was mostly family time, Dee-Anne’s first experience of the Heathfield’s over here!

On the first day we had a look through town to see what had changed… short answer, not a lot. No trip to Chesterfield is complete without checking out the Crooked Spire, though which story you want to believe on its origins is up to you.

A lot of time was spent looking back through old photographs and we even found an old photo of my grandmother, Bet, with the current leader of the Labour Party, Jeremy Corbyn. A small world of connections it turns out to be.

Friday evening took us to The Peacock Inn Cutthorpe for a family dinner, where they successfully pulled off the “beef fillet tartare” (as seen below) but failed miserably at a “‘blue’ rib eye steak” and the adventurous “blue cheese panna cotta” (notably, not seen below). After dinner we had a brief game of Cards Against Humanity, always good for a laugh.

The next day we went up to Curbar Edge, another not to be missed past time whenever I visit. The weather was great, but that turned out to be the issue, as not only was it busier, but also strangely hot!

We had a lovely lunch in the garden at Dukes Drive before heading back down to London in the late afternoon.

Goodbye UK

The day has finally come, the last of my holiday in Europe for 2014. I sincerely hope it doesn’t take another 4 years to get over here! It’s been so much fun, so relaxing, and somehow it’s passed by in the blink of an eye again.

Luckily I’ve taken my fair share of photos to remember the holiday by, and I’d like to share the last few in this entry as I set off home. It’s a long trip home, I left Chesterfield this morning and wont get back to the Gold Coast until 2 days later in the afternoon. Of course, when you take time zones into account it’s only really 23 hours of flying (and 12 hours spent in airports waiting for flights).

Lower Your Expectations

The catchphrase for Chesterfield is simply, “lower your expectations”, as I’m clearly expecting too much.

Today that was proven with the SIM card we’d ordered yesterday ultimately not arriving, thus it’ll be useless buying it tomorrow. I had to pay for it to be ordered… and they wouldn’t refund the money because they had no product to exchange (yes, even though it’s being delivered to them, not me). So now I have to wait for the SIM to arrive, and receive it just to hand it back to them to get my £20 back. Ridiculous I know.

We had a brief look through the shops in town, unfortunately M&S didn’t have the shorts I liked in a colour and size I liked, but I did get a new jumper from H&M that looks good.

We did have a good time though, despite the let down. You wouldn’t think it considering it was such a dull, rainy day, but there’s a lot you can do around here when it’s wet… like caving! So off we went to Peak Cavern (tripadvisor) AKA the Devil’s Arse. Our guide was very entertaining, making loads of jokes and certainly leaving a lasting impression. I’d totally recommend it.

After we got ‘home’ we had a lovely cream tea, with a slightly different take on the jam, using damson plum in a nod to Del. Dinner tonight was fish and chips with mushy peas, and there was so much of it! We had a group chat with Mike in Chicago and then Penny got up to some shenanigans as we watched some highlights of Glastonbury on TV.

Welcome to Chesterfield

First up, The Chesterfield Hotel… as my mum would say, “going from the sublime to the ridiculous”, it’s definitely a change from Enigma in Santorini. Everything creaks, the doors don’t auto lock, there’s an ironing board and iron hanging on the road, as if a feature. As far as hotels go, it seems a joke, but it’s what we can afford after Greece.

This morning mum firstly needed to get some cash out, before she dropped us at Jonathan and Julie’s and she headed to see an old friend across the country. Sze Sze and I lounged around a bit, happy to finally connect to some decent wifi, before heading out to Curbar Edge to have a walk around and remember years past. Almost as if nothing has changed. On the way back we had a beer at The Gate Inn (tripadvisor).

We also ordered a SIM card to be delivered tomorrow, to combat the dreadful wifi at the hotel and lack of internet connectivity around town.

Back at ‘home’ we watched the World Cup and ultimately went out for dinner at The Fox and Goose (tripadvisor), which was only chosen by chance, as no one had been there before. Ultimately it turned out to be a good choice, the food was very good with lovely views to match, and due to it being a Thursday night, was quiet.

More football when we got back, before heading to our hotel shortly after the match had finished. Wifi worked for about 15 minutes before crapping out.

UK Bound (day eight)

Our last half day in Santorini was a little bit rushed, but overall not too bad. As expected, the airport was shithouse, poorly run, no lounge (OMG I know) and just a bad way to leave (or enter) the very wonderful Santorini.

I felt it was appropriate today to show off the jacuzzi suite a little more. Excuse our bags spread everywhere, but it really is a spacious room, kept cool as it’s built into the rock. Loved our time spent here.

Our last meal in Fira was at a Chinese restaurant, and the food was nice. We also checked out the Museum of Prehistoric Thira, where we learnt a little more about the excavations we saw on day six. Somehow we even had a stray puppy follow us around as we looked at the exhibits.

Our flight was as expected, pretty much the same food on the way back as over. Though we were late landing due to a 130KM/h headwind! Picked up a nice BMW from Avis and got to Chesterfield, after a brief food stop, at 23:30. Shitty wifi at The Chesterfield Hotel though!