My goal is to lead a normal life, I want to have a decent job, something I enjoy but pays well. I want a partner that loves me. I want a family.

I’d like to travel, I love travelling, and as a general rule, I have to visit more countries than my age, and as I age quite regularly, I need to visit more countries. I’m 28 now, and have visited 32 countries, with the most recent one being Greece, in June of 2014. Time to get travelling!

As I’m in Australia though, I’d like to see all of this massive land. I’ve started off well by visiting all states and territories. And I’ve seen a bit of the outback, with plenty of locations on my wish list to go.

2 thoughts on “Goals”

  1. Just came across your blogg as I was researching a company I am interested in working for and really enjoyed your writing. Was hoping to know how you went with Tursa?

    1. So far not doing so well but it’s mainly a Centrelink issue that we’re both trying to get resolved but not having much luck sorting. In my case it does look like they’re trying to pass the ball.

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