Welcome Back

It has been 137 days since my last blog post here, and seeing as I am paying for the hosting I thought I better use it.

Ultimately, there’s no excuse for my laziness in not posting, however I have been very busy and at some stage not long ago all that pressure did get too much, at least briefly. This week I see a psychiatrist, and I also graduate from my degree. I’m still studying my bachelors degree though, and I’m looking ahead to what comes next, perhaps a Grad Dip.

Of course the biggest change from 137 days ago is that I’m now married. To me, nothing has changed, it’s just another piece of paper signifying a new relationship level, but the day was quite a fun one and when I get hold of photos I’ll be sure to share them.

As a footnote, I’ve got two new sites now. Wunala.com is what I will use as my main family site, although how I use it hasn’t been decided yet; while nattoboy.com stems from my love of the sticky fermented soybeans from Japan, and will be a food blog.

My Website Vision

For a while now I’ve had a website vision, which isn’t anywhere near to coming together, but I wanted to share for you what I envision for myself and family. Essentially, using a subdomain I want to manage a website for the family. This would be something like sam.heathfield.com for my blog and szesze.heathfield.com for Sze Sze’s blog or even penny.heathfield.com if Penny was interested. This sort of structure would focus each area a little more, with perhaps www.heathfield.com being a mixture of everything, as it seems to be now between myself and Penny.

Unfortunately, heathfield.com is already taken, by a domain squatter no less, so I’d imagine buying that would cost a fair bit and probably wouldn’t be a good use of money, there’s also the issue that Heathfield isn’t the only name my family goes by. Dad and Sze Sze are Rowlinson’s, and incorporating them into the family domain would be vital I think.

The solution would be to merge the names together in some way, and I think the best way would be a domain I’ll never own, “Heathrow” – combining Heathfield and Rowlinson. So I have to come up with an alternative, and I’m even considering Heathrow still but not a dot com. There are org’s for organisations, that’s not us, com.au’s for Australian dot com’s, that’s sort of us, but it’s not as classy.

Website Stats 2014

Last year my blog was viewed 8026 times, an increase of about 1100 views from last year. Unsurprisingly, the busiest day of the year for me was October 25th, the day after I proposed, when I assume a lot of people were flocking to my site to see a post, but unfortunately found nothing, as I was too busy… though did read about my Platinum One Status.

I posted 98 times, with my longest streak of posts coming between the 13th and 27th June, while I was on holiday in Europe. Friday seemed to be my most popular day for posting.

My post on attaining Qantas Lifetime Silver was also popular, slotting into third place.

Unsurprisingly, AFF accounted for most of my referral traffic. Also unsurprising was that most of my traffic was from Australia, with Hong Kong and the USA following not far behind.

Happy New Year

New year, new blog theme!

I decided to move away from the dark black/green theme for the new year, because I found something better. That said, not sure I’ll be sticking with pink but I do like to wear it a lot with bright blue shorts.

New Years Eve was a long night, with many drinks at Yvonne’s house, where we went through 5 bottles of Champagne and countless other drinks. Dee-Anne had a good time, Shane and Jolene were also there (and drinking), and we even managed to fit some sushi/sashimi into the night! All up, a success, other than not having the fireworks on any channel but crappy Sky News… and then going to bed before QLD even hit midnight, because we’d already seen Sydney and Melbourne ring in the new year.

No resolution for the year as they’re likely to be missed or broken, but I’m looking forward to a productive new year, and I’m still going to say: watch this space!

June Website Stats

Just a short blurb to say that thanks to my European holiday I reached an all-time monthly high for page views in June. My website was viewed a total of 1,130 times. Further analysis shows this was made up of 272 visitors, which is only marginally more than I usually have, but 4.15 views per visitor is higher than it usually is.

I had views from 32 countries. The top 10 views per country were:

  1. Australia (444)
  2. Hong Kong (332)
  3. United Kingdom (141)
  4. Greece (124)
  5. United States (64)
  6. Italy (24)
  7. Brazil (12)
  8. Germany (12)
  9. China (11)
  10. New Zealand (10)

Website Update

As you may have noticed, I decided to apply a new theme to the website last night. Simply put, I was bored and saw it and quite liked it. I’m still tweaking it and working out how to get everything just right (superfluous as that reads), but hopefully it’s not too shocking for anyone reading.

For anyone interested, there’s a good post on what I can do with the theme here, but one of the main things you’ll notice is that different post formats display in unique ways, often with colour.

Observations on Comments

I know this version of my blog is only new, but I’d like to share some observations on the comments system, just incase anyone is wondering. They are turned on, and they do require approval.

I’ve so far received a comment from someone called Lester who seems to write about snowboards in German and French. As such, I wasn’t sure if that comment was spam, but the comment seemed genuine. I’ve also had one spammy comment that was clearly not real, and that wasn’t approved.

I have a feeling I’ll receive more spammy comments in the future, it’s only natural in this world. However, if you’re a reader, family, friend, feel free to comment. My email also hasn’t changed, but I’m not sure it’s listed anywhere currently. I’d rather stop spam not encourage it.

Finally, if you want to leave a comment, but don’t want it to remain, just say so, I’ll get your message and will then delete it.

But bottom line, comments need to be approved and are available.

Welcome to WordPress

After being offline for many many months, my blog and website is finally functional again and will slowly be built up. Right now it’s a bit sparse, but WordPress should give me the ability to really customise this site in the future.

I hope to fill my readers in on the happenings in my life soon enough, and it’s not pretty, but I’d rather it was out of the way than left unanswered.