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Writing an amazing intro that describes a person so well that you know who they really are is a hard job. I don’t think I’m going to manage that, but I shall tell you a little about who I am.

My name is Sam. I come from England, was born there in 1985, but shortly afterwards I moved to Hong Kong with my family. I grew up in Hong Kong, a wonderfully polluted place, but I feel it’s my home.


I moved to Australia for schooling, and eventually became a citizen around 2004. My mum and sister became citizens in 2005 and my dad by about 2010.


I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome, something that would have ideally benefited from a much earlier diagnosis. Because of this I lack certain skills that are useful in life.


My love for skiing took me to college in New Zealand for six months, where I trained to be a ski patroller. Unfortunately, a job wasn’t forthcoming after my training.

While in New Zealand I made many friends I keep to this day, and broadened what it means to be social.


I started university in Australia, but by the end of the year had more questions than answers in the degree I was doing, Special Education.

Problem was that I couldn’t fathom the public speaking aspect yet, and at the same time the course was changing into something broad and not focused like I’d been interested in initially.


I took on less classes for the first semester so I didn’t overwhelm myself. All I had to work on was the procrastination. That didn’t go terribly well, however I finished the year with a fairly high GPA.

I also started to get into travel, although with limited finances it was hard, but I saved what I could to see new places, and meet new people. Having drifted in and out of social circles, I’d found another that suited me and helped me grow.


The goal was to get a job in Social Work, a field I was curious about, as I’d become increasingly frustrated with Education, especially at my university.

I deferred my course for a year, but then couldn’t find a job, so had a year in limbo, which wasn’t particularly useful.


I finally got my act together, enrolling in a TAFE course near my house for Community Services and Mental Health. I passed all my subjects and completed half of my vocational placement before I was stopped in my tracks.


With my course at 99% complete, missing only 50 hours of work experience and not finding it particularly easily, I sought help from Centrelink gaining either employment or the work experience I required; though they haven’t been particularly helpful in either respect.


Where is the time going!


I’m almost finished an Associate Degree of Arts, and plan to continue my studies in the following year to gain a Bachelor of Arts. I think I would like to end up working behind the scenes in a museum when I complete my degree, thanks to the friendships I have made at the Qantas Founders Museum.


I finished my Associate Degree of Arts, but then didn’t carry the momentum straight into a Bachelor of Arts, that I have now struggled with for 4 years. My day job is now working for the Australian Frequent Flyer in IT of all things.

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  1. You certainly get four gold stars for persistence.Hang in there eventually it will all,hopefully, happen. Most interesting to read. One of my friends in NZ has tried cognitive behaviour therapy and says it works a treat. JoyV

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