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My personal website didn’t always look like this. In fact, it’s lived several very different lives.

The earliest iteration can be found at the internet archive, in 1997. My dad set it up for me and seemingly advertised my school email address to the world wide web. I wasn’t really into computers back then though, so played no part in its conception or design.

Throughout the rest of the 90’s it remained the same, and only saw an update in the year 2000. This update gave it some new photos and a new email address was posted, from IBM, and it’s from this email address that I got my username that I still use now.

That version of my website remained in that form until it was finally deleted in 2006.

Before (what I am calling) my original website was taken down, I did start a new one. This happened in 2003, after I discovered computers and started firmly learning all I could.

I had an iBook G3 and was looking for a new email provider. In that search I stumbled upon Apple’s .Mac service that was just beginning. I signed up for a trial account, and downloaded a free blogging application they were offering. iBlog was it’s name, and it would serve me well until the start of 2008.

The earliest version of the resulting website I set up, along with my new blog, is from 2004. It was created with really bad templates in a bad web-based application. Back then though, it served it’s purpose and many photos and blog entries were shared with the world.

The last version of that site I could find was from 2006 too. Over the years I’d made some changes to the layout and design, but it was to be iWeb’s introduction that took me to my next layout.

With iWeb I had much more freedom to design and play around with my website. It took some getting used to and the transition was slow, but in 2007 it was done, and by 2008 I was using iWeb as my primary blogging application too.

In 2007 I also set up my personal domain name for this site, by which many people would have got here by.

At the end of 2008 my favicon (a small graphical icon visible in the URL bar of most web browsers) started displaying. It’s a scribbled heart.

I would have liked the story to end there, but iWeb gradually received less attention from Apple, and when it was discontinued a search for an alternative needed to be made. As luck would, or wouldn’t, have it, an absence from, blogging forced my hand, and out of the Ashes I bought some web hosting at the end of 2011 and started figuring out WordPress, my current blog. It’s not as hard as I thought it’d be, though it’s still trickier than iWeb, with loads of features I’m yet to discover, and may still some day.

For now, I change my theme roughly once a year.

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