A Fail & A Pass

Today I learnt my result in Sociology, an assessment I had expected to fail as I really struggled with it. Therefore it wasn’t surprising when I checked my “study desk” and saw an “F”.

Regardless, I wanted to read my feedback, as it’s important. In the feedback I discovered that I’d failed the “understanding” and “analysis” parts but received a distinction in “presentation” – an area I’d really focused on before submitting as I knew I was good at that and there were plenty of marks to be gained in that area.

Thus, in the final comments it was noted that while I’d failed the essay, I still passed the unit. Also, the essay was generally well written.

To say I’m pleased is an understatement as I have now completed 8 units in my first year and been given advanced standing in 2 more. I’m just 6 units away from an Associate Degree of Arts – though will probably continue on next year to attain a Bachelors Degree.

GPA = 5.125.