Happy New Year

New year, new blog theme!

I decided to move away from the dark black/green theme for the new year, because I found something better. That said, not sure I’ll be sticking with pink but I do like to wear it a lot with bright blue shorts.

New Years Eve was a long night, with many drinks at Yvonne’s house, where we went through 5 bottles of Champagne and countless other drinks. Dee-Anne had a good time, Shane and Jolene were also there (and drinking), and we even managed to fit some sushi/sashimi into the night! All up, a success, other than not having the fireworks on any channel but crappy Sky News… and then going to bed before QLD even hit midnight, because we’d already seen Sydney and Melbourne ring in the new year.

No resolution for the year as they’re likely to be missed or broken, but I’m looking forward to a productive new year, and I’m still going to say: watch this space!