EEG Results

I just realised I never posted my EEG results.

Essentially, there were some blips on the EEG, but they were all under a second, some that were on just one side of the brain, some on both. Ultimately, there should have been none as I am medicated.

Effective immediately my Epilim dosage has been increased from 800mg/day to 1400mg/day, and I’m going to have to do another EEG (luckily not sleep-deprived) in a couple weeks, along with a blood test. My neurologist wasn’t pleased that something may have been missed, so he’s quite keen to cover all bases now.

The issue is that the EEG tests I’ve done are only for a maximum of 30 minutes, so I hardly have time to actually get to sleep, while when I’ve supposedly had convulsions that Dee-Anne has noticed, I may have been asleep for hours. So it’s hard to replicate. There must be somewhere I can do an overnight sleep study.


In the last 30 hours I’ve only had 1.5 hours sleep and I’m certainly feeling it again. Had my EEG this morning and in left feeling like I hope I performed, otherwise I have a feeling it’ll turn into more sleepless nights and expensive tests. I really don’t need to be staying up for 24-hour periods at a time when I have plenty of Uni going on that requires reduced stress and good rests.

I get my results on Thursday.

New iPhone 5

Over the last week I’ve had my battery on my iPhone 5 pretty much┬ádisintegrate in terms of battery capacity. The other day it even dropped from 100% to 1% in just a few hours, and I wasn’t even using it. Clearly the battery has had it.

This afternoon I took it into the Robina Apple Store, having booked a Genius appointment over the weekend. Despite my phone not being covered (bought in Hong Kong, not Australia), I paid up the $95 battery replacement fee. After half an hour they told me it still hadn’t helped, there must have been other issues with the hardware, so for the same fee just replaced my whole phone. Glad I do nightly backups!

Other than having to re-enter passwords for every app I regularly use (not sure why that doesn’t save for convenience), I now have a brand new iPhone 5. Just waiting on the iPhone 6 release though!

June Website Stats

Just a short blurb to say that thanks to my European holiday I reached an all-time monthly high for page views in June. My website was viewed a total of 1,130 times. Further analysis shows this was made up of 272 visitors, which is only marginally more than I usually have, but 4.15 views per visitor is higher than it usually is.

I had views from 32 countries. The top 10 views per country were:

  1. Australia (444)
  2. Hong Kong (332)
  3. United Kingdom (141)
  4. Greece (124)
  5. United States (64)
  6. Italy (24)
  7. Brazil (12)
  8. Germany (12)
  9. China (11)
  10. New Zealand (10)