Another day, another boat trip.

With Murray away, we were off with Peter today to the Broadwater.  Anchored up and slowly drifted, but there were no dramas.  Too windy for beach cricket though.  Managed some photos, we had a good time.

Fresh seafood lunch
Fresh seafood lunch
Trolley lady... delivering our  bags to the boat
Trolley lady… delivering our bags to the boat
Who'd have thought you'd get an icecream guy all the way out here!
Who’d have thought you’d get an icecream guy all the way out here!
Need a photo of myself every so often
Need a photo of myself every so often

Had a bit of a headache when I got back, but I think that was just the sun and swell.  I didn’t drink much and am trying my best to avoid drinking too much tonight.  Though, Arakawa for dinner, yum!

Travels in 2013

With 2013 coming to a close, I thought it appropriate to provide a snapshot of my travels this year, and a review.  It certainly was a big year, stretching the East Coast from the top, right down to the bottom.

From Thursday Island to Hobart
From Thursday Island to Hobart

I’ve had a few enjoyable trips this year, so it’s hard to pick just one highlight.  New destination for the year goes to HID (Horn Island/Thursday Island), right at the top of Queensland.  It’s a completely different world up there, and I really enjoyed seeing that.

Attending the QFM 25th anniversary dinner in LRE (Longreach) was also a great experience, giving me a chance to network and meet some influential people at the museum, all of them really friendly.

At the end of the year, my last trip to Sydney for a train trip to Canberra on two private carriages was something one of a kind.

Next year, I expect my travels to drops off as I enter university and take on that workload.  Having now seen the regional destinations of QLD on QantasLink, my focus would be to see regional ports in NSW, VIC and SA, however they’re not high on my list, as I just want to relax and focus on studies.  I expect I’ll head to AFF events when I can, and two gift vouchers for Christmas should help cover some of that.


Just a quick little blurb to show off my Christmas loot for this year.  Nothing much, some interesting things, clothes and toys.  A book I’m sure will come in useful as I practice my photography and a new case for my iPhone.


Also some photos of others’ loot.

Mum should visit Thursday Island...
Mum should visit Thursday Island…
Penny, Sze Sze and a wonderful present from Tae
Penny, Sze Sze and a wonderful present from Tae
Sze Sze's new shirt
Sze Sze’s new shirt

A Train Crawl to Canberra

Over the weekend I was part of an amazing AFF event, invited along to two private train carriages on a cross country adventure between Sydney and Canberra.  I had to wake up exceptionally early and catch a Jetstar flight to Sydney, stayed overnight in Canberra with Mark and Drew in the Hyatt, and took a leisurely flight back to the Gold Coast via Sydney on the Sunday.

Where to begin though?  Well a member by the handle of BAM1748 on AFF offered the journey to anyone who was interested, and weeks ago I booked my flight and committed myself, along with 34 others as it turns out.  This lead to the organiser having to source another (private) carriage, but it was a wonderful one at that.

Each contained their own bar and couches, tables and chairs, as well as the original sleepers.  I did actually end up sleeping for a part of the journey, as recorded in a candid photo along the way.

The “crawl” was to take us via a few stops where we’d sample local pubs, drinking along the way too of course, before arriving into Canberra in the evening.  Due to a few issues, what was meant to be a 10-hour trip actually became 14-hours… but everyone had a good time, so you can’t complain about that.

The group along the way

AFF7 in Hobart

As this week starts, my weekend in Hobart comes to a close.  It’s been a great event, another wonderful AFF gathering, and already attention is turning to next years event, where it looks like the front runner is Cairns.

Dad seemed to enjoy himself too, though did fall asleep twice, once at an after-drinks special in someones room, and once at the main dinner, where I think he simply had too much red too quickly, but it was enjoyable, and I think he’d be happy with the weekend and activities.

Dad on the lawn

Undoubtedly, the highlight had to be visiting MONA, that museum is so amazing and I’m definitely going to have to go back to see more.  I especially want to be there when the ‘poo machine’ takes its dump.  Just for the novelty factor.

Josh on the MONA boat

The Cascade Brewery tour could have been better, but the drinks by the bar, and free tasters as part of the tour were good.  A better tour (if you could even call it that – more so experience) was the Lark Distillery in town.  For $15 we expected to get 3 samples, and actually had the whole bar, and they did have some very nice, if not very expensive, products on offer.

Dad at the Cascade Brewery

Throughout this post I’ve included some of my better photos from the weekend, posted to Flickr.  Some also ended up on Facebook.

The gang at Smolt

Something else also worth mentioning is making new friends and seeing old friends.  This event was the same as any other in that regard and I’m happy to expand my friends list!

Kate at Hadleys