A Train Crawl to Canberra

Over the weekend I was part of an amazing AFF event, invited along to two private train carriages on a cross country adventure between Sydney and Canberra.  I had to wake up exceptionally early and catch a Jetstar flight to Sydney, stayed overnight in Canberra with Mark and Drew in the Hyatt, and took a leisurely flight back to the Gold Coast via Sydney on the Sunday.

Where to begin though?  Well a member by the handle of BAM1748 on AFF offered the journey to anyone who was interested, and weeks ago I booked my flight and committed myself, along with 34 others as it turns out.  This lead to the organiser having to source another (private) carriage, but it was a wonderful one at that.

Each contained their own bar and couches, tables and chairs, as well as the original sleepers.  I did actually end up sleeping for a part of the journey, as recorded in a candid photo along the way.

The “crawl” was to take us via a few stops where we’d sample local pubs, drinking along the way too of course, before arriving into Canberra in the evening.  Due to a few issues, what was meant to be a 10-hour trip actually became 14-hours… but everyone had a good time, so you can’t complain about that.

The group along the way