Travels in 2016

This is a rather late entry, as I realise I forgot to do a 2016 travel recap. I had a little more activity than the previous year, travelling as far West as Perth and as far East as Fiji.

Despite the slightly¬†larger¬†map, I only flew one more flight comparatively, and not many more thousand kilometres. That said, 2017 looks set to be a huge year. But you’ll need to wait till the end of the year to hear more.

Travels in 2014

Despite deciding 2014 would be a slow year, it started with a bit of a flurry as I was given the opportunity to shoot for Platinum One status with Qantas. To get there, I needed to put in just a little more flying though. This lead to me almost doubling the amount of miles I flew, though actually flying 4 less segments.


Understandably, a large chunk of the mileage came from a trip to Europe, but I still did my fair share of flying in Australia this year, beating last years purely domestic total by a hundred miles or so.


Looking to the year ahead, my travels should drop off even more, and I’m not expecting another international trip, as those happen every few years or so.

Travels to KTA

The past couple of days I’ve been travelling. Burning and earning points, but more importantly status credits, to improve my frequent flyer status.

A thread on AFF inspired me to do this post, about food. As I was travelling business class, the food was generally of a higher standard. I made sure I took photos and am sharing them here.