Perissa (day three)

The sea breeze had picked up last night quite a lot, and this morning was no different, with quite a cool breeze blowing through the windows (when opened). Once we got into the sunlight though, there was some counteraction. We had breakfast in our room today, and they rang before bringing it through, all on one tray again.

There did appear to be some good news this morning. On checking the status of our missing bags they now say: “DELIVERY PROCESS INITIATED”. That’s all well and good, but they haven’t contacted mum (official phone contact) or our accommodation providers… so I’m not sure what’s happened to the note at the bottom of “call before delivery”. BA: hopeless.

Had the wind calmed, we were to do a boat trip, but that has now been pushed to tomorrow in the hope of calmer seas and breezes. Instead, we headed to Perissa (the black beach) to take photos and relax. Certainly got a lot of sun there too. I’m not sure I’ll go back to Australia with an olive complexion, but I certainly wont be white!

At Perissa we got a sunbed and food at one of the many establishments along the beach. We happened to just pick the first one we came to, but a walk proved they all served up essentially the same food, very Western, and most of those there were Western. Still, a beach is a beach.

I had thought I would need a siesta once I got back to the room, but it turns out, shade and water was all that was needed, and I was off again. Bought some gifts, another postcard (shout out now if you want one) and browsed.

For dinner tonight we went to Nikolas Taverna (tripadvisor), recommended not only be where we are staying, but by a friend on AFF. The food was excellent, as was the service, although it took a while for our bill to arrive. I had Imam (stuffed eggplant), mum had stuffed squid and Sze Sze got in on the moussaka tonight.


On the way back to our accommodation we were greeted by a glorious sunset, so took a few pics to remember the moment. A spectacular view.



Another day, another boat trip.

With Murray away, we were off with Peter today to the Broadwater.  Anchored up and slowly drifted, but there were no dramas.  Too windy for beach cricket though.  Managed some photos, we had a good time.

Fresh seafood lunch
Fresh seafood lunch
Trolley lady... delivering our  bags to the boat
Trolley lady… delivering our bags to the boat
Who'd have thought you'd get an icecream guy all the way out here!
Who’d have thought you’d get an icecream guy all the way out here!
Need a photo of myself every so often
Need a photo of myself every so often

Had a bit of a headache when I got back, but I think that was just the sun and swell.  I didn’t drink much and am trying my best to avoid drinking too much tonight.  Though, Arakawa for dinner, yum!