Qantas Platinum One

At the end of January I achieved the top status with Qantas, Platinum One.  The only way you get this is with a lot of flying, and while I’d like to get the other “top status” some day, Chairmans Lounge, I’m not in a rush to become a politician.

The pack arrived today, complete with new white Q tags, a lovely white frequent flyer card, and the gift I’d forgotten about, a branded iPad case.  I’ll definitely be using it!



Ultimately, I don’t think I’ll manage to retain this status in the next year as it took far too much flying to achieve. But it’s cool to be there. Now it’s time to see if I’m treated any differently.

Travels to KTA

The past couple of days I’ve been travelling. Burning and earning points, but more importantly status credits, to improve my frequent flyer status.

A thread on AFF inspired me to do this post, about food. As I was travelling business class, the food was generally of a higher standard. I made sure I took photos and am sharing them here.

The 28th

Well this morning we didn’t have a particularly early start, though I did feel like getting out early due to the temperature in the room. The aircon seems to be set at extremely cold or not at all, so this morning I woke to what felt like below zero temperatures. I promptly turned off the aircon, but it took walking outside to feel better.

Today we did have a very busy day.

Breakfast was at the Twilight Cafe again (we had lunch there yesterday), as the bakery was cash only and we didn’t have cash. This was the result of a lack of ATM’s in town, with the only working one only dispensing $20 per transaction – with a $2.50 transaction fee.

Following breakfast we made our way to Arno’s Wall and then drove on to the Winton Railway Station (I have a friend who loves railways), the Qantas Airfield Commemorative Cairn, Musical Fence and the Diamantina Heritage Truck and Machinery Museum.

Afterwards, we continued on to the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Fossil Preparation Facility where we took a tour of the facility, before walking out along the Jump Up to find three secular views outer the surrounding plains. Once again, a 360° was taken.

Back in Winton we didn’t have lunch, but had some snacks from a grocery store before visiting the Waltzing Matilda Centre, where we learnt the ins and outs of Waltzing Matilda and explored the very large museum incorporating all parts of the outback.

Mum got a headache and Sze Sze just wanted to cool down, so dad and I stopped at the North Gregory Hotel while the ladies headed to the motel. we then headed to the Australian Hotel, where Kim joined us for a couple beers to watch the Aussie cricket team collapse. The beer ended by the pool at the motel, where a swim was very refreshing.

Tonight we had dinner at the RSL, and while Kim wasn’t impressed the only other time he’d been, I think the meals tonight were enjoyed. I certainly liked my chicken kiev. we were also allowed to BYO, though I noticed the table over had their own bottle of vodka. Go figure!

On the way home I picked up some golf clubs from Kim’s place. More on that tomorrow.