For those following along with the health of my blood, you will know that I took a blood test last week, in preparation for a haematologist appointment this morning. As I pretty much already knew before taking the test – and confirmed at todays appointment – my Neutrophil count is again low. The reason I knew this was because it took a very long time to get over a sore throat/associated congestion a few weeks back, and I have been feeling very tired lately. Both tell tale signs for me that my white blood cell count is low, based on previous experience.

While Lupus has been ruled out as a diagnosis, the rolling hills of my Neutrophil count mean we are taking a watch and see attitude. My last count was 2.2 when they found out there was nothing wrong with my bone marrow (fun test by the way), while today it was 1.1. I’m told, if it goes below 1.0 again (the previous trigger for the bone marrow test) and remains consistently low, I may get special injections to boost the white blood cells.

My next blood test will be before my dental surgery in July.

Blood: All Clear

Last week I had another blood test, and today I met my haematologist to get the results. My blood work, I’m happy to report, is completely normal. Everything is in the expected ranges, with the exception of ANA being a little out. 

I have another test due in 6 months to check things are still normal, but it would appear the scare of the initia blood tests at the start of the year was just that, nothing else. 


Today I went to a new doctor, one who specialises in haematology. The reason being, my regular doctor has noticed my white blood cells and platelets count dropping of late, and it’s a cause for concern. There’s only so much a GP can do before I need to be referred on.

Nothing really to report from today, met the new doctor, did a small physical and now I have a blood test coming up for 17 different things… I expect I’ll be giving a lot of blood that day. I don’t find out the results of all that for 2 weeks.

The main issue was explained to me as follows, a normal persons “lymphocytes” range between 2 and 7.5. My value in that test was as low as 1.2. If the value drops below 1, they’ll do a bone marrow biopsy… not exactly something I want to experience.

As I’m not sick, or don’t appear to be at least, the cause for the drop needs to be found. It could be an interaction with my Epilim medication, however if that’s the case, I need to find different anti-convulsants.

For now, the only thing I’ve noticed are increased headaches. Not all the time, but sometimes, when I do get them, they hurt a lot. Also a little nausea. But it comes and goes, so it might not even be related.