The Struggles of Being an Adult

I really struggle with being an adult, the responsibilities far outweigh the benefits sometimes and really just gives me a whole bunch of anxiety that I don’t want nor need.

Case in point over the past few days, we paid the deposit on a house last week. Moving. That didn’t really fill me with any dread, despite my love for keeping things the same. However, yesterday was the all important building and pest inspection and despite there not being anything significantly wrong with the property, all the little things started to add up.

This culminated in a difficult decision this morning to exit the contract through the cooling off period. Simply making that decision had taken almost 24 hours for me of going backwards and forwards. The email sat on my desktop for 20 minutes before I hit send and the phone call to the real estate agent left me a blubbering mess.

I realise I don’t owe anyone an explanation but I think it’s the right thing to do and that conversation over the phone left me feeling as drained as I’ve ever felt. Don’t get me wrong, the agent was lovely, no abuse towards me on the call or anything, but I felt like I’d just run a marathon and all my energy had just gone. This is especially telling as today was the first day I doubled my dosage of Strattera, an ADD drug I started recently. So I should be brimming with energy. Instead, I’m deflated.

Fucking Telstra

So, today I’m at the shopping mall to deal with telecommunications issues. It’s a simple request, we have a phone number with provider A and a phone number with provider B, except we only actually use the number from provider A. What we want to do is move the number from provider A onto provider B’s plan, replacing that number (as it is not used).

We head into the store of provider B and begin the process of them not listening to us and presenting gibberish responses that will result in a 2-month wait to port the number because it will create a ‘flag’ in the system and no one wants to take ownership of the problem and phone someone to unflag it. Instead preferring to move so slowly that the system doesn’t flag in the first place.

After they explain it twice, confusing even themselves, I finally have enough of their inability to offer proper service and say (to myself) “that’s fucking ridiculous” and turn on my heels to immediately leave the store. I’m told afterwards that they said to F that their staff will not be abused. Luckily for them, I didn’t abuse them. They’re probably not well versed in language, seeing as they work in a Telstra store, but had I said something more like ‘you’re a fucking idiot’ – that would be abuse. In fact, I showed restraint, I expressed frustration to myself at their unhelpful attitude and lack of expertise in the matter, and knowing that I was reaching my limit at dealing with their ineptitude, I left. Many others would have abused them, and probably quite rightly so.

that’s fucking ridiculous

I honestly don’t know where to from here, but I’m certainly not stepping foot back in that store with employees who don’t have enough of a grasp of the English language to determine when someone is hurling abuse or exclaiming frustration about a system that is clearly broken.