What Does the NDIS Hold For Me?

Talking to an acquaintance today I had my first real thoughts about the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). It’s a program in Australia that’s designed to offer support for those with lifelong disabilities, and technically I would qualify.

While I may be on the high-functioning end of the autism spectrum, that doesn’t mean I’m a genius, it just means I know how to, among other things, operate machinery. There’s a common misconception that the term “high-functioning” equals “normal functioning”. The reality however is very different: I’m still clueless in life, I have weird behaviours and go into a meltdown far too often over trivial things.

A website that launched recently called Do One Thing for Autism describes six ways that autism affects people, and I’ve experienced most of them to varying degrees.

Back to the NDIS though; I realise the scheme didn’t have someone with my lighter needs in mind when it was founded. That said, the website does outline the case that the NDIS is meant to offer “individualised” services and I could do with some help in a few areas of my life. Perhaps it would be something worthwhile applying for?