June Website Stats

Just a short blurb to say that thanks to my European holiday I reached an all-time monthly high for page views in June. My website was viewed a total of 1,130 times. Further analysis shows this was made up of 272 visitors, which is only marginally more than I usually have, but 4.15 views per visitor is higher than it usually is.

I had views from 32 countries. The top 10 views per country were:

  1. Australia (444)
  2. Hong Kong (332)
  3. United Kingdom (141)
  4. Greece (124)
  5. United States (64)
  6. Italy (24)
  7. Brazil (12)
  8. Germany (12)
  9. China (11)
  10. New Zealand (10)

Author: Sam Heathfield

I'm in my 30's, live on the Gold Coast and have a passion for aviation and Qantas. Currently studying.