Lower Your Expectations

The catchphrase for Chesterfield is simply, “lower your expectations”, as I’m clearly expecting too much.

Today that was proven with the SIM card we’d ordered yesterday ultimately not arriving, thus it’ll be useless buying it tomorrow. I had to pay for it to be ordered… and they wouldn’t refund the money because they had no product to exchange (yes, even though it’s being delivered to them, not me). So now I have to wait for the SIM to arrive, and receive it just to hand it back to them to get my £20 back. Ridiculous I know.

We had a brief look through the shops in town, unfortunately M&S didn’t have the shorts I liked in a colour and size I liked, but I did get a new jumper from H&M that looks good.

We did have a good time though, despite the let down. You wouldn’t think it considering it was such a dull, rainy day, but there’s a lot you can do around here when it’s wet… like caving! So off we went to Peak Cavern (tripadvisor) AKA the Devil’s Arse. Our guide was very entertaining, making loads of jokes and certainly leaving a lasting impression. I’d totally recommend it.

After we got ‘home’ we had a lovely cream tea, with a slightly different take on the jam, using damson plum in a nod to Del. Dinner tonight was fish and chips with mushy peas, and there was so much of it! We had a group chat with Mike in Chicago and then Penny got up to some shenanigans as we watched some highlights of Glastonbury on TV.

Author: Sam Heathfield

I'm in my 30's, live on the Gold Coast and have a passion for aviation and Qantas. Currently studying.