Akritiri & Oia (day six)

Today was a double header, both for the ruins of Akritiri at one end of the Island, and the shops and dining of Oia at the other end. We also went back to Naoussa for a late lunch in Fira.

Rewinding to the beginning, we had our breakfast and managed to get to the bus stop before midday, a remarkable feat considering other days where we’ve still be in the hotel by that time. The bus to Akritiri was much quicker than to Perissa, less stops along the way, though some other tourists had an issue on the way back.

The ruins were set sort of like how I’d expect the Terracotta Warriors in Xian to be displayed, in a building to protect them more so than give shelter to tourists. I particularly liked walking through the settlement to see things very close up.

On our way back we had a look in an art gallery located just outside of Fira, where the husband is a painter, the wife a sculptor and the son an architect (who designed the gallery and is now painting too). Some good pieces of art in there! We then had a late lunch at Naoussa (tripadvisor), heading back there to try the tomato fritters and so Sze Sze could have the wonderful moussaka I had when we had dinner there at the start of our trip.

Following a brief lie down, we headed off on the bus to Oia for shopping and dinner, and found it to be a very nice town, with much more windy streets. Heaps of people there too. I got some nice photos down empty laneways, and of course lots of photos with the sun heading towards the sea. What I didn’t get was any actual sunset photos but more on that next.

Dinner was a place called 1800 (tripadvisor), recommended by our hotel as a fancy restaurant we’d have to dress up for, though we weren’t seated far from someone in thongs, boardies, regular tee and backwards-facing baseball cap. After dressing up in trousers (considering the temperature when we arrived) it was a bit of a let down to see we didn’t need to. The food was good, tasted great, can’t fault that one bit, unfortunately everything else was lacking. The service was slow, we waited half an hour for our starters, I was waiting a while for my glass to be topped up (it is fine dining after all) and the ambience was awful, with everyone flocking to a corner of the restaurant to take photos of the sunset, interrupting those dining there. I’m sure it happens every night, and the sunset is magical here, but if you’re not sat on the best table you shouldn’t ruin the experience for those that are. Overall, I’d rate the restaurant down because of that. Also, bring something warm as it gets windy on the rooftop terrace.

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