Don’t Trust Nextbyte

So, I feel now is the time to air my displeasure at the service I received at Nextbyte Pacific Fair.  Having previously been a frequent customers in the days of iBooks and PowerBooks (before Apple was popular) I would have thought they’d do the right thing by me.  Clearly not!

Last month I needed to take my MacBook in for a charging issue.  Put simply, the MagSafe port seemed to be dead, but the rest of the computer ran fine, I just couldn’t charge it so the battery level was slowly going down.  I took it to the Apple Store Robina first, but didn’t have a Genius appointment and wasn’t prepared to wait/book one a week out, so took it to NextByte instead, as was recommended.

At the store, I was seen to by the manager, who checked my computer over, saw it was working, display and all, but wasn’t charging, and checked it in.  A few days later I got a call saying it was ready to be picked up, but my screen was dead… and since then they’ve failed to take responsibility for how I could bring in a Mac with a working screen, and after they’ve tinkered with it, have a dead screen.

Off the record, an Apple store employee told me that had I taken it to Apple and that had happened, they’d be liable to fix the screen, it was in their care; and if had happened to him, he’d be asking them to take care of it.

So I called NextByte last week, the issue was forwarded to their head office, and I was promised a call back, however I had to call them 6 days later to find out that they wouldn’t be assisting me.

As their labour costs are $150 and Apple’s are just $39, I will now be taking my business solely to Apple stores, and if anyone is reading this and thinking about getting your machine serviced at Nextbyte, but can avoid doing so, then AVOID!  They’re not worth the hassle and will probably end up costing you more, in both labour and additional services.

Author: Sam Heathfield

I'm in my 30's, live on the Gold Coast and have a passion for aviation and Qantas. Currently studying.