Hurricane Transcriptions

When I conceived the idea of writing about Hurricane Transcriptions, partway through the ethereal opening of the piece, I had intended it to be a short blurb. However I think it’ll be more as there’s much to say about it.

The composer recorded the sounds and beginning of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, picking up the swirling winds, the swooshes, the driving rain and made a transcription in the week that followed, while he was without power, heat and water.


Playing with an ensemble, I loved how he recreated the winds. It was an amazing sound. Slowly the music intensified, as the storm I imagine did. Naturally there was a lull in the middle, the eye, before reversing course as the storm again lashed the city and finally moved on or weakened.


I liked the acoustic guitar accompaniments, but disliked the electric guitar, which was at one stage played with a bow; it seemed, too chaotic, but then I guess that was the idea.

Other than an over enthusiastic member if the audience, who couldn’t work out a storm has an eye so it can’t end in the middle, it was well received.

Author: Sam Heathfield

I'm in my 30's, live on the Gold Coast and have a passion for aviation and Qantas. Currently studying.