Colours of the Land

Over the past few days I’ve travelled 2900 miles, though always via SYD so there’s been a lot of doubling back. From my window seat, one of the things I’ve noticed is how different the colour of the land is between regional centres. Having previously visited the Queensland outback, I know how orange everything is. Likewise, I know the Western Australian outback is a deep red colour. Finally I’m in New South Wales’ outback, and there’s yet another change in colours.

My first stop was at Tamworth, which I found green and hilly. Lots of trees too. Perhaps some brown too, essentially, the usual colour of land. Wagga Wagga was different, a deep yellow greeted me everywhere I looked. It was also flat as far as the eye could see. A few trees, but far more cleared land.

Coffs Harbour was the quintessential beach town. Plenty of water here, sand, green and blue. In Albury I saw a lot of forest and greens. There was a general sense things were dry, but the land wasn’t as clear and barren as say, the outback. This was more surprising given its proximity to Wagga Wagga and how it was essentially, completely different.

Author: Sam Heathfield

I'm in my 30's, live on the Gold Coast and have a passion for aviation and Qantas. Currently studying.