Plodding Along

I’ve been noticeably silent the last few days, it’s been hectic for me, lots to do, or rather not enough to do but the days seemed to speed by nevertheless.

I finally got back into AFF (link somewhere on the right), having taken a month off to give myself a break and sort some things out. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

We took a trip up to Brisbane to see the Matisse exhibition in GOMA. Naturally no trip up the Pacific Motorway is complete without stopping off at IKEA on the way, so we had lunch there and I tried the meatballs with mash, gravy and lingonberry sauce – very nice. We also stopped off at the German Club on the way home to renew our memberships for the year.

The Matisse exhibition turned out to be quite interesting, though my attention in art can be somewhat limited. Luckily they had QR Codes to scan at various points, which when combined with their free wifi allowed you to view short videos explain certain pieces. It certainly helped keep me focused, as there was a little too much text.

At the end of the exhibition was a small area to draw and basically create art as he did. Naturally the attempt I made was awful, while Sze Sze excelled, especially on the digital easels. An example of what she created is here.

I had some things to do in Southport today, you know the drill. Went quite well, and I came home with a box of Mi Goreng… you can never have enough noodles.

Got my Medicare rebate from my last session with Dr Barling too, so I should be able to pay him next week, and managed to book a doctors appointment to sign myself up for another mental health plan (so I can get Medicare rebates) and get my eye looked at seeing as everyone thinks it’s a big deal. I can still see can’t I…

I was also watching when Australian cricketer Michael Clarke made his 300 runs and beat quite a few records, really cementing his place as a good captain.

If I could remember what happened on Friday I’d write about it here… but my memory is just shocking right now. Look out for a future update to this post.

Took some photos at the seaway, but haven’t looked at any yet as I was too lazy and tired when I got home.

A number of home improvement type tasks went on, such as slinging a hose pipe over the roof to water the garden, or more easily water the front garden I should say. The garage door had a little fix but I have to now keep my eye on it a bit more… I really hope it doesn’t fall on the car!

And basically, that’s my week!

Author: Sam Heathfield

I'm in my 30's, live on the Gold Coast and have a passion for aviation and Qantas. Currently studying.