Happy New Year

Welcome to 2012!

I thought I’d wrap my New Years Eve and New Years Day entries into one, seeing as it all happened on New Years Eve, and nothings has changed on New Years Day.

Where to start? Well I guess yesterday evening was the start of the festivities. Yvonne and Ada were invited over for some drinks and nibbles and to see the 400+ photos of our outback holiday. At the same time as I was inviting them over, Adam stopped by, so we had a full table. Later, Peter and Leone would also show up.

The photo slideshow went reasonably well, and drinks and nibbles were good while catching up and sharing a few stories.

Eventually all but Peter and Leone left, and after some more drinks we headed up to Colin’s house for dinner and to see in the new year.

Earlier this afternoon I’d made a start on cataloguing Colin’s wine cellar with the same app I’d used on dads and my iPad’s. The app is called Vinoteka and despite a few bugs and limitations, I think it’s the best app out there for managing wines in multiple fridges and cellars. That being said, I’m hoping a major update with iCloud support among other things is around the corner.

So when we came round for dinner, I continued the process, and before midnight had managed to sort the whole cellar. Now all he has to do is remember to use it and he’ll have no troubles keeping it organised.

Dinner was nice, Peggy steamed a rather large fish, and made some chicken curry. Dad also made a curry, beef rendang, but added a few too many chillies so it burnt a few mouths. There was another Christmas pudding for dessert, and some sort of gelatinous mango concoction too.

Throughout the evening a few bottles were opened and consumed. Mainly red wines such as from Penfolds or d’Arenburg, but also some sparkling such as Vivant (my cheap choice that I reckon tastes a little like Veuve Cliquot) and the Champagne was Moët. A little closer to midnight I successfully saved a bottle of Grange from being prematurely drunk, so I hope I’m rewarded somehow for that at some stage.

As each hour passed more fireworks were spotted on TV, first in Auckland, next in Sydney and Melbourne and when Brisbane finally rolled around, they seemed to show more highlights of Sydney than Brisbane ‘live’.

Alas, all good parties have to come to an end and this one did. Out of the house at 1:00, in bed by 3:00. No hangover this morning either thanks to a preoccupation with cataloguing wines rather tan drinking them, a choice of Champagne that I didn’t like the taste of much (so didn’t drink a lot of it), and plenty of water before bed.

All that said, today has been exceptionally lazy. I was out of bed before lunchtime, only just, and then proceeded to watch TV… which was strange as FOX Classics was screening The Big Lebowski back-to-back for 24-hours. It’s a good movie, but seeing it 12 times in a row I’m not so sure about? Am I missing something? I could understand doing the same with Groundhog Day!

Author: Sam Heathfield

I'm in my 30's, live on the Gold Coast and have a passion for aviation and Qantas. Currently studying.