Headed Home

I think we all had a good sleep last night, in slightly comfort beds, separate rooms with a fan and despite the aircon not being overly powerful, liveable temperatures. It certainly wasn’t freezing this morning, but it was baking outside.

Last night I’d tried to take photos of the skies above, littered with stars, but even with a 15-second exposure on a point and shoot camera I simply got a black canvas. I did slightly better with the moon, constantly disappearing behind far off cloud. Unfortunately none of the photos came out to the point I’d want to upload them. Instead, here’s a quiet street this morning.

A street in Longreach

Dad had ventured out early to refill the car and buy some breakfast, so when he got back we had a home cooked bacon and poached eggs, which all up cost less than one portion of bacon and eggs at the Roadhouse across the street.

Following breakfast mum dropped us off at the Qantas Founders Museum, before heading into town I believe to look at art galleries. Sze Sze, dad and I took in the museum very quickly before heading out on the tour of the 747-200 Classic, VH-EBQ. Admittedly I don’t think they had the full experience in the museum, being in such a rush, but I’d been before and had spent two days absorbing it so there wasn’t much new for me inside.

Outside however was a different story, with the museum recently taking delivery of a Catalina, parked where the DC-3 was last year. The DC-3 was also therefore open to be looked inside, so I had some new experiences. Personally I’d like to see a Short C Class flying boat, but with only 42 built I doubt there’s any left, plus how would they land it at Longreach?

I think Sze Sze and dad enjoyed the tour of VH-EBQ, especially as it was a lot more hands-on and listening to facts and figures than reading. It was more interactive I should say. Having done a more in-depth tour last year I pretty much knew it all already and was helping to point out things to Sze Sze and dad.

Dad in a 747 engine cowling Sam and Sze Sze in a 747 engine cowling Qantas Empire Airways DC-3

Thankfully the tour finished reasonably close to on time and we made our way back to the museum and McGinness’s Cafe to meet mum. She’d already checked-in the bag and was having a cup of tea, enjoyable on an already hot day, and still heating up. Likewise was the aircon.

Soon we were in the air and bidding farewell to Longreach and the outback. It’s been an enjoyable holiday, something different, but perhaps best done when towns haven’t closed down for summer.

The flight landed in Brisbane on time and we were quickly out and on our way down the motorway home. One more sleep at home for the year.

Author: Sam Heathfield

I'm in my 30's, live on the Gold Coast and have a passion for aviation and Qantas. Currently studying.