Boxing Day

It’s Boxing Day and what an early start we had. Also, no boxing here.

My alarm went off at 4:30 and we left the hotel at just 5:00. A nice early start to get us to the airport in time, although as it happens, a little too early. There was no traffic.

I quickly got my bag checked-in at the Qantas bag-injectors, before we all made our way to the Qantas Club for breakfast and to wait for our flight, much earlier than planned.

The flight up to Blackall was just like any other, with the turbulence occurring on the Blackall to Longreach sector. I wasn’t too happy to find I had no signal at Blackall, and later annoyed to hear I wouldn’t get any at Winton either. And neither did I in Barcaldine (though I did find an open wifi network). Thankfully I did at Longreach and Ilfracombe.

So anyway, we arrived on time at Longreach and after collecting our luggage were in our rental car in no time at all, driving down the highway to Barcaldine. Just 105KM / 1 hour later we found ourselves in a quiet town, and soon, checking into our room.

The temperature since we arrived didn’t get past 40°C, despite a forecast high of 42°C, that said though, we were later told in the Union Hotel Motel that Winton would be hotter. However, a lack of humidity does make all the difference.

We watched and listened to the cricket, and I took an afternoon dip in the motel pool… which was very refreshing. And then we all had a siesta. Waking from the siesta we all bar mum completed the pub crawl of the open pubs in town, managing to play some darts too.

The Tree of Knowledge, Barcaldine 360° Tree of Knowledge The Tree of Knowledge at night, Barcaldine

Dinner was big and filling, even though there were only 6 items on the menu, with 5 being meat and 1 fish. The sides made all the difference though. Following dinner we took in the Tree of Knowledge (panorama) at night, with white and green lights illuminating the structure and providing for some good photo opportunities.

Author: Sam Heathfield

I'm in my 30's, live on the Gold Coast and have a passion for aviation and Qantas. Currently studying.