Night Terrors

So, last night I experienced what I think was a night terror.  I experienced one last year that I vaguely remember too, but I stayed awake for quite a while thinking about what happened that I can type about this now.

In my head, when it happened, I was already awake and saw something move across the floor and under the bed.  I jumped up and would probably have run out my room away from where I thought the ‘thing’ was had Dee-Anne not jumped up too and stopped me.

I was then focussed on a spot of light on the floor coming through a crack in the blinds, before I turned on the bedside light and slowly calmed down.  Replaying what I thought was real and what actually must have happened over in my head.

Not sure why this sudden night terror.  I had an early-ish night, I didn’t have too much to drink in Brisbane (AFF drinks) – 2 pints of stout, I had a meal, etc… so yeah.  Trying to keep more updated with my blog, and had something interesting to share!

It does appear to be related to “frontal lobe epilepsy”, but I’m not sure if that’s the one I have.  I’ll bring it up with my neurologist in May when I see him.

As an addendum, the last time I had one I ran out onto the landing.  I could have foreseeably fallen down the stairs, but didn’t, so it was good I had someone there to stop me on this occasion.


I’ve been very tardy with my blog lately, but that just means I’ve been much busier in real life.  It’s a good thing.  I’ve been receiving grades back for various assignments, and am only late with one so far, but that’s in a difficult class.  I’m doing well.

I’ve also had some travel lately, flying to Sydney for a Qantas-sponsored lunch last Tuesday and again to Sydney for a Qantas Simulator session last Thursday.  I’ll hopefully do a bigger write-up on these two things when I can.

Everything is coming together for the Europe trip in June, with all but one hotel booked now.

More later… I’m in class and the lecture is about to start!

Don’t Trust Nextbyte

So, I feel now is the time to air my displeasure at the service I received at Nextbyte Pacific Fair.  Having previously been a frequent customers in the days of iBooks and PowerBooks (before Apple was popular) I would have thought they’d do the right thing by me.  Clearly not!

Last month I needed to take my MacBook in for a charging issue.  Put simply, the MagSafe port seemed to be dead, but the rest of the computer ran fine, I just couldn’t charge it so the battery level was slowly going down.  I took it to the Apple Store Robina first, but didn’t have a Genius appointment and wasn’t prepared to wait/book one a week out, so took it to NextByte instead, as was recommended.

At the store, I was seen to by the manager, who checked my computer over, saw it was working, display and all, but wasn’t charging, and checked it in.  A few days later I got a call saying it was ready to be picked up, but my screen was dead… and since then they’ve failed to take responsibility for how I could bring in a Mac with a working screen, and after they’ve tinkered with it, have a dead screen.

Off the record, an Apple store employee told me that had I taken it to Apple and that had happened, they’d be liable to fix the screen, it was in their care; and if had happened to him, he’d be asking them to take care of it.

So I called NextByte last week, the issue was forwarded to their head office, and I was promised a call back, however I had to call them 6 days later to find out that they wouldn’t be assisting me.

As their labour costs are $150 and Apple’s are just $39, I will now be taking my business solely to Apple stores, and if anyone is reading this and thinking about getting your machine serviced at Nextbyte, but can avoid doing so, then AVOID!  They’re not worth the hassle and will probably end up costing you more, in both labour and additional services.

First Results

I received my first result back for an assessment today, initially worried about it as it was a C, until I realised C = Credit. If I was to pass the unit with a credit that’d be the same as a GPA of 5, so I’m happy with that. The marks are HD, D, C, P, F, from highest to lowest.

Still Alive

Despite it perhaps looking like I’ve died, what with my lack of posting on my blog, or generally in any of my usual haunts, in fact I am still alive, I’ve just been busy fitting into my new routine at university.

It’s been 3 weeks, or at least this is the third week, and I’m talking to people occasionally, though still don’t really know anyone.  I’ve also been participating in class, so all is good there.  I’ve completed my first assignment (though it’s not due till Friday so I’m still waiting on my mark)… so now I just have 10 to go for this ‘session’ (like a semester)… although that’s over 10k words away collectively.

Centrelink kindly switched me over to AUStudy without any issues, which was nice of them, and I’m now living off $1.70-less a fortnight.

Perhaps the only subject I’m struggling with is “Indigenous World-Views”, which is video-linked from Lismore and we have no tutor on the Gold Coast to help us understand what – can sometimes seem very rambling – is going on down there.  I’m considering driving to Lismore each week for the lecture, hoping for a clearer understanding, but I’m not sure I’ll manage to connect either way as I’m lost on what the concepts are and it’s the third week!

If I didn’t mentioned it, the MacBook Pro mum gave me for uni work had a power issue, so I took it into Next Byte to fix it.  They fixed the power issue, but broke the screen (not cracked, but the screen simply doesn’t work anymore) and accepted no responsibility.  Thus I have a lovely laptop that works great with a monitor, but that doesn’t make it very portable.  I use my iPad in class to type with Pages, and that syncs back to my Mac at home.  I’d prefer a real keyboard though as my iPad (version 3) can sometimes be a little laggy.

I do find time for hobbies, despite a vastly busier life, such as my photography.  I took some really nice shots today, though don’t have the time to pick the good ones to upload just yet.

War Is Over! (if you want it)

Today I took some more flights, down to Sydney for the day to check out the MCA exhibition by Yoko Ono, War Is Over! (if you want it).  I’d be lying if I said there was no ulterior motive for the visit of course, and that was to check out the private MCA lounge, available to members and Platinum One cardholders.

My day started ordinarily enough, checked-in the night before and made sure I had a seat up the front of economy, drove to the airport, parked and headed to the lounge.  The security queue was monstrous in size, snaking and stretching right past the Jetstar desks, however I just walked down the empty priority line and was through in a minute.


The point of difference was at the gate, my second upgrade in the four (mainline) flights I’d taken since becoming P1.  Seat 4D became seat 1D and I ended up with a sparkling wine and talking to my seat mate, whose husband flew for Qantas Freight.  It was a good chat.


On arriving in Sydney I decided to try the Mascot station trick (walking to Mascot station) and then catching the train from there, and had it not been for rain later in the day, my rail travel would have cost but $2.50.  Compare that with $32 and a short walk doesn’t seem so bad.


It was a shame about the weather, cloudy when I arrived, it never seemed to get much brighter, with some sprinkles of rain around lunch before a shower shortly before I made it back to the airport (though luckily not caught out in it).


The exhibition was interesting.  I’d heard some mixed reviews on it, but overall found it to have a lot of interest to me, lots of interaction if that’s your thing (not so much mine, but nice to see others getting amongst it) and wonderfully, photography allowed so you can relive, or even share the experience as I shall attempt to do.


The MCA lounge was refreshing for me.  After my long walk from Circular Quay to the MCA, or not, the light aircon (not a freezer) and a refreshing San Pellegrino helped me keep going.  The free wifi was fast and they even had the March edition of The Australian Way (onboard magazine) already!  I took a copy.


Through the new Qantas Restaurant program I was able to book a $29 special yesterday at Cruise Restaurant, including a main meal and glass of house wine.  Had there not been the Queen Mary II parked in front of the restaurant, I’d have dined looking out over the Opera House.  The food was good though, and just for using the service I’ll earn myself 100 QFF points.

Back in the Sydney lounge I bumped into a fellow frequent flyer, who I always seem to meet in airport lounges, before getting my last surprise to cap off the day, my third upgrade in five flights.  I don’t know who I did right by at Qantas, but thank you and I hope to continue to stay in your favour.

Lately, life has been busy, I’ve been preparing for university and now that it’s started have found I’m not as prepared as I thought I’d be.  Predictably, things have been nerve wracking for me, with introductions that I absolutely hate and almost the promise of more public speaking that I’m still not ready for.  It’s not a case of charging head first into things and getting through it, I really do feel sick and shake and want to jump out a window.  Surely the fact I’ve attended instead of worked from home means something.

Regardless, I got through my first day, and my first two subjects.  I now have to look forward to one class on Thursday, and the other on Friday.


Over the weekend I took a trip down to Adelaide to see a friend and do some aircraft spotting.  I also flew to Olympic Dam, to cross it off the list, as I do.   I then flew across to Melbourne to have dinner with Sze Sze, catch up with friends there, and attend the Designing 007 (James Bond) exhibition at the Melbourne Museum.  I then flew home.

That could be the end of my blog post, but I want to touch on a few things, as these flight were the first since achieving that coveted P1 status with Qantas.

To start with, all three mainline flights I was warmly greeted by the CSM once onboard, and a few things were noted, such as congratulations on my first flight for getting to P1, or an onboard upgrade to Business on flight two.  And yes, you heard that right, an upgrade, and not even on a full flight, I had plenty of space where I was.

I brought along my flight log book, a new thing for me and that enabled further discussion with the crew, and I even had an FO come chat to me about airshows, as well as two invites to the cockpit when we’d landed.

So far, the extra level of service seems very focused and leaves me feeling good, and perhaps just a bit special, onboard.

That said, not a lot to say about the Olympic Dam flights, as they were operated by Alliance.  Crew was friendly, but didn’t recognise me as anything out of the ordinary, though did recognise regulars, so I guess I just need to be a regular… unlikely to happen.

Heinz Five Beanz

Been a while since I’ve reviewed anything, and there’s been a few things I could have. Regardless, it was about time I tried the ‘new’ baked beans, made up of 5 different beans.


The main distinguishing feature were the kidney beans, they really stood out. Taste was pretty much spot on. However, some beans were crunchier than others, which felt odd compared to the usual consistency.

I think in the future I’ll stick to traditional baked beans.