Today starts a 4-week break for me, having just handed in my final assignment due this session. I expect to pass all of them, with hopefully more than a simple pass, giving me 9 subjects done and essentially my first achievement unlocked, a Diploma of Arts. Well… I need to wait on the grades, but I’ll be sure to post grades when I know.

For the next session I’ve decided on Sociology as the other subject.

In other news, it was nice having mum over for my birthday. Had a nice night out at SEAduction too. Tried Uber for the first time and it worked great.

The garden is looking nice again, it helped that mum was here to choose plants with me, but I think it’ll look really good by the time she comes back, it’s got 3 months of growth to look forward to.

The pool had the cover taken off, where we found something decomposing and an awful smell. That’s now gone and the pool is slowly coming back to life, though that might take a while.


Thought I’d write a quick entry this afternoon to update the progress on this session of university. Next week is the final week (before exams – of which I have none). I’ve now successfully completed my photography class, ART10275, and as I took the easier option to focus on other subjects, I’ll receive a Pass for the subject. That will have the effect of dropping my GPA slightly, but at this stage, that’s all right with me, as with that now successfully passed, I have 7 units completed of the 16 required for my Associates Degree. One more unit and I get a Diploma of Arts if I give up. I’ve got no plans to of course.

I’ve been slowly plugging away at my Citizenship subject this afternoon, and recently crossed over the thousand word mark, halfway there. It’s due in exactly a week.

A few days after my Citizenship subject is due, I have my Philosophy subject due, another 1500 words to go there. Time is ticking down, but I just need to pop some pills (legal) and concentrate.

Next session I am thinking of taking it easy and doing two subjects. Gender, Sexuality and Culture is one, and the other is to be decided, either an Introduction to Sociology or Australia Politics… seriously, what’s easier?

Final 2 Weeks of Session 2

I’m now in the final two weeks of session two, for my first year of university. I feel I’m on top of my studies, though I do have 600 words written of a final 4000 due, split between two essays, so I need to continue my writing this week!

My photography course is also going well, as I’m sure you’ve seen in various photos posted to the ART10275 account. I have one task to go this week, and then I’ll have a Pass for that unit. Yes, I could have attempted a better grade by doing my own project, but it’s actually been a really busy and quick session. It feels like only yesterday I was in Santorini!

And yes, I am posting from class!