A Fail & A Pass

Today I learnt my result in Sociology, an assessment I had expected to fail as I really struggled with it. Therefore it wasn’t surprising when I checked my “study desk” and saw an “F”.

Regardless, I wanted to read my feedback, as it’s important. In the feedback I discovered that I’d failed the “understanding” and “analysis” parts but received a distinction in “presentation” – an area I’d really focused on before submitting as I knew I was good at that and there were plenty of marks to be gained in that area.

Thus, in the final comments it was noted that while I’d failed the essay, I still passed the unit. Also, the essay was generally well written.

To say I’m pleased is an understatement as I have now completed 8 units in my first year and been given advanced standing in 2 more. I’m just 6 units away from an Associate Degree of Arts – though will probably continue on next year to attain a Bachelors Degree.

GPA = 5.125.

McLaren Vale

Today was the big event. A wine tour of McLaren Vale with plenty of tastings, fun and prizes to be had by the attendees.


Murray came with me and I think he had a great day, despite there being a lot of frequent flying talk. I had to wake mum and dad up early to ask to use the CC at Kay’s but beyond that it wasn’t needed.



The amount of food we were served at Serafino, and the quality of it was great. We couldn’t finish it all but it was lovely.

Leconfield turned out to be a good final stop, as I bagged two of the last 2008-vintage Cabernet Sauvignon’s. I then also won the main raffle prize.




On the return to Adelaide, I took Murray into the airport for some drinks in the lounge, finally checking out the shoebox that is the VA lounge here, before moving to the Qantas Club, thanks to Danny guesting us in.

Feel completely buggered now though, it’s been a long day!


This weekend I am in Adelaide for an AFF function, but not all of my days are booked out, so today I’ve headed to Hahndorf, a tourist trap German village in the Adelaide Hills.



I was hoping to see more German architecture but it’s essentially just a normal town with an over abundance of German specialty shops. I even bought some “white pudding” for Dee-Anne to try.


Murray has been my host and we went to the Hahndorf Inn for lunch on his recommendation, established in 1863.



The food was great, but a little too much fir just us. Of course we couldn’t just have the 1 beer, so started at one end of town, finished at the other, and also did a tasting and ended up in central Adelaide for a further glass. Lucky we had a designated driver.

Fast4 Tennis

I’d like to go on the record as saying I really dislike tennis. It’s quite a boring sport to me. It doesn’t help that the women seem to also have grunting matches and if you have two very good players you can end up playing deuce – advantage – deuce forever just to win a game (and yes I meant a game, not a set or a match).

So when I saw there was to be an exhibition match between Federer and Hewitt for a new format of the game I was interested. Luckily the players put on a great show, testing out all the new/changed rules and I think it was a great success. Previously a set could take over an hour, but that was drastically reduced to 20 minutes. Tiebreaks also ruled out an endless struggle to be 2 games ahead. I certainly enjoyed the format and will watch again.