Today I went to a new doctor, one who specialises in haematology. The reason being, my regular doctor has noticed my white blood cells and platelets count dropping of late, and it’s a cause for concern. There’s only so much a GP can do before I need to be referred on.

Nothing really to report from today, met the new doctor, did a small physical and now I have a blood test coming up for 17 different things… I expect I’ll be giving a lot of blood that day. I don’t find out the results of all that for 2 weeks.

The main issue was explained to me as follows, a normal persons “lymphocytes” range between 2 and 7.5. My value in that test was as low as 1.2. If the value drops below 1, they’ll do a bone marrow biopsy… not exactly something I want to experience.

As I’m not sick, or don’t appear to be at least, the cause for the drop needs to be found. It could be an interaction with my Epilim medication, however if that’s the case, I need to find different anti-convulsants.

For now, the only thing I’ve noticed are increased headaches. Not all the time, but sometimes, when I do get them, they hurt a lot. Also a little nausea. But it comes and goes, so it might not even be related.

Pop Credit

This morning I received my first marks back on my unit “Pop: Encounters with the Arts and Humanities”. A solid 21/30, giving me a Credit is a good start I think. Like the unit “The Nature of Narrative”, this unit is solely online, but unlike narrative, I’m not terrible at comprehending what to write.

Critical Pass

With an 11 out of 20, I’ve scraped through with a Pass in my Critical Response in unit “The Nature of Narrative”, which I’ll easily confess isn’t a strong suit of mine. The unit is made more difficult by its online nature, while I prefer in-class time.

My next assessment for this unit should be a little easier, as it’s a biographical portrait, far easier to write in my opinion. However, I don’t want to jinx my mark with thought that it’ll be easy.

I would much prefer such a class was taught with a tutor on campus, but the state of affairs at Southern Cross University right now is drastic cuts to funding in the Arts, while it seems every other course is having no such hard times. Supposedly, this is what happens when the new Chancellor has an Engineering background, from what I’ve heard.


I was promoted today. I moved from my position as Social Ambassador on the Australian Frequent Flyer, to Moderator. I’m still going to be actively involved in the social side of things though, but now with the added responsibilities of being a moderator on the site as well, instead of just in my little corner.


The house settled today. By that I mean, Dee-Anne and I now have a place to move into, and to start putting ur budgeting to good use. Over the coming weeks we’ll hopefully get things moved across to the house, so we can move out of Royal Pines as quickly as possible.

It’s going to be strange, not that I haven’t moved several times in my life before, but I’m happy to be starting this new chapter.

If you’d like to send me a postcard, I’ll give you my address!