EDU10011: Two Credits

Late last week I received another grade for the unit EDU10011, receiving my second Credit and putting me in good stead for the last assessment due in a few weeks. By my rather bad math, I would only have to score 35%, well below a pass, and in fact a very bad fail.

Obviously, this is not something I am aiming for, but it gives me an idea of where I am positioned and what I need to do to keep my final mark high.

Pebble Time Steel

Another successful purchase from Kickstarter arrived the other day. I finally received my Pebble Time Steel, with Dee-Anne having received her Pebble Time a couple months earlier. Watching her use a new watch while I have been unable to has been unbearable, but I can finally get in on the action now. With a colour display, 10-day battery life and revised user interface, there’s certainly a lot to love and get used to.

Wrapped up Ready to open

The first thing I noticed was it has a good weight on my wrist. Thanks to an all-metal design and presumably glass on the top, compared to an all-plastic design previously. I also have a leather strap on the watch currently, but there’s a link bracelet in the mail, just waiting on it.

Weatherland day Weatherland night

I love the new interface, it’s very intuitive and looks great in colour.

Choosing Weather LandChoosing LCARSLCARS

It has the same button placements as the first generation, but they are of course more solid feeling, like the rest of the watch. There’s also a mic hole that can be used on Android but unfortunately not yet with iOS. It’s also cool to see my “Champion” status on the back of the watch when I take it off. I have this instead of simply “Kickstarter Backer” because I also backed the first watch.


Of course, the possibilities of watch face are endless.

Tick Tock

Blood: All Clear

Last week I had another blood test, and today I met my haematologist to get the results. My blood work, I’m happy to report, is completely normal. Everything is in the expected ranges, with the exception of ANA being a little out. 

I have another test due in 6 months to check things are still normal, but it would appear the scare of the initia blood tests at the start of the year was just that, nothing else.